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Here at the Gothic Poets Society, Poe is a pretty big deal and we honor his memory in various ways on his 214th birthday.
If you are hosting your own party, printable flyers and invitations are avaiable for download below.Just click the link and save onto your device.

Poe's birthday: January 19, 1809
Every year we celebrate Poe's birthday with independant celebrations, be they formal dinners, tea parties, book or poetry readings.
Poe Event Foldable Card & Envelope(zip file for printable Card & Envelope)

Remembrance of Poe's Death October 7, 1849
As an act of remembrance, we participate in something we call "The Black Flood", by "flooding" all of our channels with Poe's works, and information, videos, etc
about Poe. These channels could be social media, flyer distribution, anything within reason that a member chooses to do.
Poe Event Foldable Card & Envelope(zip file for printable Card & Envelope)

If you are a member of The Gothic Poets Society and are hosting an event or project and would like to share it with the group, kindly post it under "events"
at the goodreads page at TGPS Events

On social media, be sure to let us know and call us out! #thegothicpoetssociety

↓ copy, steal, borrow, use, distribute↓

Other folks that love Edgar too:
The Poe Museum
The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore

*Please note! You are responsible for the actions of yourself and attendees at your event., The Gothic Poets Society, Wintermoon and all associated agents
of us (Ravynmoon, The Gothic Poets Society (T.G.P.S.),Wintermoon) are not responsible if you violate any laws. You are responsible for all costs associated to your event.



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